Grace Restaurant

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215 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G4, Canada
215 Dundas Street London Ontario N6A 1G4 CA

London Ontario’s Destination for Modern Canadian Cuisine

Londonlicious 4 Course Dinner Menu 

$60/pp plus taxes & gratuities

1st Course: Choice of

gougère, sweet potato mousse, shrimp farce, edamame, crystalized ginger, frisée, sesame, shoyu

red leaf lettuce, poppy seed, barley, apricots, walnuts, amaranth, smoked pear, sour cherry vinaigrette – vegan – gluten free

Full Moon
Parsnip, peppermint and pear bisque, micro basil, black pepper, clove – gluten free

2nd Course: Choice of

Coloured Glasses
almond milk and rose poached pickerel, beetroot purée, bulgur wheat, orange, pistachio, amaranth, lemon, nutmeg
Cobblestone and Tile
duck breast, con?t duck leg, roasted poultry broth, almonds, sweet potato, panforte, carob – gluten free

Sea Garden
braised and smoked maitake mushroom, dulse risotto, roasted beetroot, black garlic cashew cheese, pu?ed rice coral, furikake,
maitake jus – vegan – gluten free

Buttered potato gnocchi, roasted potato velouté, grilled scallion, creme fraiche, chives, Wildwood frico – vegetarian

reginette pasta, braised beef button mushroom ragout, caramelized onions, braise reduction jus, Grand Trunk cheese

Hail Caesar (additional $10 charge)
grilled striploin, focaccia crouton, anchovy paté, black pepper and roasted garlic greens, bacon jus

3rd Course: Choice of

This Land is Our Land
Ukrainian varenyky, Grace ricotta, Elgin county maple syrup, black salt, braised cabbage

Maïke Latke
potato rosti, apple butter, coconut cream, sorrel – vegan – gluten free

4th Course: Choice of

Up Beet
olive oil cake, goat yogurt panna cotta, beetroot sorbet, beetroot powder, espresso balsamic vinegar

Snow Mountain
chrysanthemum tea mousse, white pepper meringue, mango coulis, white chocolate snow – gluten free

Diablo Rojo
classic french canale, ginger beer, tequila and lime sorbet, cassis pomegranate coulis, lime sable crumb

pineapple tart, rambutan sorbet, coconut caramel, ginger crumb – vegan – gluten free