Tamarine by Quynh Nhi

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118 Dundas St, London, ON
118 Dundas Street London Ontario N6A 1G1 CA

Southern Vietnamese cuisine is known in culinary circles as a healthy Asian style of cooking that blends the best of Chinese, French and Thai influences into a unique style. The cuisine continues to grow as it adapts to new ingredients that Vietnamese Chefs have never had access to before. The result is a surge of creativity.

Crispy Spring Rolls *

Summer Fresh Rolls

Shrimp Mango Salad *

Canh Chua Soup *


Chicken Pad Viet *

Spicy Beef Lemongrass Vermicelli

Pepper Pork Claypot


Vietnamese Coffee Crème Brulee

Sweet Banana Che

Featured French Macarons

*Vegetarian options available | ** No Substitutions Please**

Sorry, no lunch option available!