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Ricotta Gnocchi

Yields4 Servings

Mouth watering recipe provided by Israel Martinex Saguilan | Executive Chef | Delta London Armouries

 2200 g ricotta cheese, excess moisture drained
 2 cups grana padano grated
 9 cups flour, sifted
 10 whole eggs
 8 egg yolks
 3 lemons, zested
 ¼ cup chopped herbs

Drain excess moisture from ricotta, this is very important.


Mix ricotta, eggs, and grana padano together, lemon zest and mix.


Once mixture is done, add the flour little by little and mix by hand, kneed the dough, make sure to not over kneed it.


Bring water to a boil in a big pot, make the gnocchi dumplings and blanch them in the water.


Gnocchi is ready once it is floating in the water, make sure to not over crowd the pot, cool them down and portion.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4