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Joseph’s passion for food and cooking is simply unmatched.
After graduating from Fanshawe College’s culinary skills and culinary management programs, he continued with his apprenticeships to obtain his Red Seal, a universally recognized and highly prestigious certification.

He has worked with a very long list of exceptional chefs and in many restaurants around the globe. He is especially thankful to Chef Ito, whom he worked under at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, BC, and has been Joseph’s mentor throughout his career.

Chef Joe has brought home first place and gold in every culinary competition he has entered, from Toronto to Taiwan, Paris, Germany, and Vietnam—to name the big stages he has competed on.

Although he loves making artistic fine-dining plates, he loves taking Vietnamese classics and playing with the complexity of those flavours the most. He also has a passion for beautiful and delicious desserts.

Most importantly, Chef Joe is extraordinarily humble and kind. He hopes everyone enjoys his beautifully curated dishes and feels welcome and comfortable in his restaurant.

731 Wellington St,
London, Ontario N6A 3S1, Canada
Menus Offered

Londonlicious Menu

$60/pp + taxes & gratuities |  3 Course Dinner 


Choice of Small Plates

“Carrots” (Vegan/ GF)
Ginger coconut carrot purée, roasted carrots, shaved carrots and arugula salad, candied walnuts, puffed rice, shallots
“Yum Som O” (GF)
Vietnamese pomelo, asparagus, Vietnamese inspired vinaigrette, roasted rice, peanuts, Thai basil
Gazpacho (GF)
Calamari, heirloom tomatoes, tom yum, Thai basil
“Chicken Fried” Mushrooms (Vegan/ GF)
Oyster and king oyster mushrooms, Soy garlic glaze, shishito pepper, togarashi mayo



Grilled Chicken Wing (GF)
Stuffed with Thai aromatics, “pad Thai” tamarind sauce, crispy noodles, peanuts
Crispy Pork (GF)
Slow roasted, “Lo bak go” daikon cake, hoisin pepper jus, pea purée, radish salad
Coconut Curry Risotto (Vegan/ GF)
Lemongrass coconut sauce, coconut crusted tofu, cilantro lime emulsion, peanuts, herbs
“Sach Ko Jakak” Beef Skewers (GF)
Cambodian style marinade, crispy sticky rice, pickles, peanuts, Asian herbs



“Sweet Potato” (GF)
Japanese sweet potato, salted caramel ice cream, miso crumble, puff rice, raisins
“Strawberries and Cream” Taiyaki
Japanese fish shaped pastry filled with vanilla custard, accompanied with textures of strawberries and confit strawberry ice cream