Restaurant Details
1680 Richmond Street, London, Ontario N6G 3Y9, Canada

Good Food + Good Vibes
Offering an elevated
Thai experience with handcrafted cocktails

Menus Offered

Londonlicious Dinner Menu

$50/pp + taxes & gratuities

enjoy a three-course meal including your choice of one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert from our menu plus a tea / coffee / or pop!

Choice of Appetizer

A platter of deep-fried goodness – spring rolls, wontons and golden shrimp served with our house-made plum sauce

Sesame Peanut Chicken Dumplings
You must try these yumplings!! Chicken pan-fried dumplings served on a bed of bean sprouts, topped with Sesame Peanut Sauce and fresh herbs

Shrimp Tempura Salad
Thai-Japanese Fusion Salad with cabbage coleslaw, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange in a Sesame Orange Ginger Dressing

Choice of Main

Pad Gra Pow
Most OG Thai Experience!!
Traditional Holy Basil with ground chicken, diced green beans, onions, garlic, and lots of Holy Basil. Served on rice with a sunny side up fried egg and our home made Nam Jim (chili lime sauce)

Damn! This Lamb! +5
The name speaks for itself! Grilled lamb rack with asparagus, onion, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, bell pepper, cumin seeds, citron honey chili sauce, and Jasmine rice

Khao Soi
Traditional Thai Curry with egg noodles, chicken drumsticks, pickled green mustard, red onion, lime, ask for hot sauce to spice it up!!

Pad Cha
This Thai dish is for those seafood lovers! Scallop, shrimp, octopus, mussels, mushroom, red pepper, zucchini, fingerroot, green peppercorn, lime leaves and fresh basil. Served with Jasmine rice

Foon Beef Stew
Spicy Chinese Fusion Beef Stew served with white noodles. Beef shank, carrot, baby bok choy, bean sprout, schezuan pepper

Choice of Dessert

Mango Mousse
The crowd’s favourite has come back!! Made in house with extra love, served with a berry mix

Black Sesame Sticky Rice
Glutinous Rice Ball with black sesame stuffing, served with red bean compote