Restaurant Details
523 Richmond Street, London, Ontario N6A 3E8
Menus Offered

Londonlicious Menu

1 Appetizer + 3 Tacos + 1 Dessert = $25/pp + taxes & gratuities


Choice of 1 Appetizer

Guacamole and Chips (Vegan)
Fresh-made guacamole, green onions, pepitas, jalapeños +Cilantro. Served with chips

Queso Fundido (Vegetarian)
Our famous cheese dip, cotija, pico de gallo, pickled Jalapeños + cilantro. Served with chips

Holy Frijoles (Vegan)
Refried black beans, tomatillo hot sauce, green onions, Valentina hot sauce + pico de gallo. Served with chips

Dip Dip Dip Hooray
A sample of all three house-made dips – which is your Favourite?

Baja Wings
House spiced wings, Valentina hot sauce, green onions + Lime crema.

Tiger’s Milk Ceviche
Cured white fish, tiger’s milk marinade, corn, roasted Sweet potato, red onion, pickled chili + cilantro

Crispy calamari rings, lemon mayo, guajillo sauce, Pickled red onion, cilantro oil, radish + cilantro

The Mule Bravas (Vegetarian)
Spiced fried Yukon gold potatoes, cheddar, garlic sauce, Valentina hot sauce, pickled red onion, green onions + Cilantro

Birria Foldies
Two soft corn tortillas cooked on the plancha with Cotija cheese, beef brisket, mozzarella, cilantro, white Onions + tomatillo hot sauce. Served with a side of Purple cabbage slaw + birria jus.

Southwest Chicken Taquito
Crispy rolled masa, achiote chicken, bacon, poblano Peppers & jack cheese, topped with lime crema, cotija + Cilantro. Served with ranch

Nacho Supreme
Crispy tortilla chips, Monterey queso, 3-chili braised Steak, lime crema, Valentina hot sauce, green onion +Cilantro

Choice of 3 Tacos

Chicken Gyro Taco (Londonlicious Feature)
Cabbage, grilled chicken, onion and pepper medley, tzatziki Sauce + fresh dill.

Carne Asada (Londonlicious Feature)
Grilled steak marinated in jalapeno and citrus, cabbage, fresh Avocado, tomatillo, cotija, white onion + cilantro.

The Cease & Desist
Cabbage, mixed ground beef & pork, cheddar, hot sauce, lime Crema, pico de gallo + cilantro.

The O.G. Fish
Fried fish, chipotle mayo, cabbage, sweet onion salsa, pickled Red onion, radish + cilantro.

The Brussels Sprout (Can be made Vegan)
Crispy brussels sprouts, guajillo sauce, cotija, pepitas, lemon Mayo, green onion, pickled jalapeños + cilantro

The Pork Belly
Cabbage, sambal roast pork belly, avocado puree, sriracha mayo, pickled cucumber, pickled carrot & daikon, pickled chilis+ cilantro.

The Habanero Brisket
Pulled beef brisket, purple cabbage slaw, habanero bbq sauce, Lemon mayo, pickled cucumber + cilantro.

The Achiote Chicken
Achiote roasted chicken, cabbage, chipotle mayo, pickled red onion, crispy chicken skin, radish + cilantro.

The Butternut Squash (Vegan)
Tempura battered butternut and red pepper, cabbage, refried beans, vegan chipotle lime mayo, crisp apple.

The Sweet Potato Halloumi (Vegetarian)
Cabbage, crispy sweet potato, halloumi cheese, lemon mayo, pico de gallo, radish, tomatillo hot sauce + cilantro.

The Fried Chicken
Buttermilk fried chicken, cabbage, house ranch, hot sauce, Cheddar, diced pickles + green onions.

The Chili Steak
3-chili braised skirt steak, cabbage, roast poblano & corn Salsa, lime crema, pickled jalapeños + cilantro.

Choice of 1 Dessert

Eggnog Creme Brule (Londonlicious Feature)
Traditional creme brulee with an eggnog twist! Garnished with raspberry

Pumpkin Cheesecake (Londonlicious Feature)
Pumpkin spiced cheesecake, house-made whipped cream, Cinnamon sugar crumble + candied pumpkin seeds

Garnished with seasonal coulis and captain crunch!

Chocolate pot
Garnished with dulce de leche and spicy sesame seed